How To Use Bigo Live Application Effectively And Earn Unlimited Diamonds

Bigo Live Tutorial Guide: How To Use Bigo Live Effectively To Make Unlimited Diamonds

Bigo live is growing social media live streaming app. This app available in all the platform. Here, you can share your talent. You can also meet new peoples with different culture from different side of the world. In this Bigo Live articles, I am going to talk about, ‘How To Use Bigo Live’.

We are going to learn how you can effectively use this app also going to learn how to get unlimited diamonds. This is genuine method. So, get ready, follow these step by step guide you will be ready to become a Bigo Live star. If you are a PC use, You can get Bigo Live PC. I have written a step by step guide on that. It will be easy for you to understand and get started.

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How To install Bigo Live App From Android Mobile  


In this article, we are taking the example of Bigo Live App For Android. You can also download bigo Live for iOS. Here, I have posted Bigo Live App For,

Select your specific device and follow along. First, open your phone and go to the Google App store. Select the search bar and type ‘Bigo Live’.

bigo live apk download

Then, select, Bigo Live Original App by BiGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Check the below picture for reference.

how to use bigo live

Now, click on Install. The application will start installing in your phone. It may take few time depending on your phone. After the app is successfully installed. You can run the app from the home screen.


Now, open the application. There it will ask you to register. You have to make an account to access the app. There is few open you get to create a new account. You can choose from facebook, google+.

You can choose any of them to log in. Follow the reference.

After, Sign up, You are in Bigo Live now. You can see how many peoples are doing Live Broadcasting.

bigo live apps

Now, you will get 3 option. The option in the middle for going Live. First one is use for any who is doing Bigo Live. And, the last one, you can use that to check other peoples’ diamond, beans and followers. You can watch live streaming of any other person using Bigo Live app.


How To Start Bigo Live Live Broadcasting In Android App, iOS, PC


Here, I am going to explain, How you can start Bigo Live Live Broadcasting from PC And Android. Okay, lets get started now.

First, click on the center button of Bigo Live app. Then, this sceen will appear.

You will get text field. We have to make attractive title and Tag. More attractive it is, more peoples will click to watch your Live show. This will help you to earn more Diamonds and beans.

The Live Event are most effective. They have more chance for more peoples to watch you. So, you some attractive word tag, and description in there. Once everything is ready to go. Then, click on Go LIVE button. Wait some sec, you show will go live.

bigo live live broadcasting

There are some rules and regulation you must to follow in Bigo Live app. Now, you can see how many peoples are watching you. It will show how many starts and beans you have.

You will slowly get more viewers, beans, diamond with Bigo Live Application. Many peole around the  world use this app to share their talent with other peoples. Attract the right audience and increase your fan following in Bigo Live. After you end your Live, you will get detailed information about it.

Above you can see one Live made my level up.

You will also get all the details about the live like how many visitor, beans, New fans, Beans and diamonds you got. If you get any reward like heart, diamond, bean. That will help you to level up faster. So, friends, try to arrange more Live with unique ideas to attract more viewers in your Live. Sure, in time, you will the idea to get more visitors in your Live.


Advance Guide for Generating more Live Viwers and More Diamonds and Hearts


Here I am going to share you my personal secret that I learned from someone. It worked for me. So, I am sharing this technique to you. Try to follow the step, it is very simple and genuine process.

  • First you need to a Girl picture. Should be stylish and attractive image. This will help you to increase more live view.
  • Use the mic to talk with your viewer. This will increase more authenticity.
  • Make conversation with your audience and reply to their queries. If they ask question give them suitable answer. It will help to make stable viewer and also you will get fan following.


Final Verdict


This method helped me to make over 2400+ star and still increasing every day and month. If you still have any confusion with anything. Let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy you help you with “How To Use Bigo Live Application Effectivly”.

Updated: January 16, 2019 — 8:35 am

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