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Bigo Live Web

Bigo Live Web is a official platform of Bigo Live. There you can showcase your talent. If you have some skill to share. Bigo Live is the right platform for you. Bigo Live Web app is a social video sharing app. This is a huge talent sharing app growing everyday now. This app let you showcase your inner talent in front of right audience. You can show the world and become a star in Bigo Live web. In Bigo Live web, you can watch live broadcasting. Many games goes there to live stream their gameplay. This live broadcasting app  is a social app. Most best thing about this app is real time video streaming also let you chat in the same time.

I am going to explain more about Bigo Live Web in this tutorial articles. You also look for Bigo Live Wiki to learn more about Bigo Live app.


What is Bigo Live Web

bigo live web

There is millions of viewers in Bigo Live. It has over 200 Million users. This app is hugely popular in South East Asia.

Bigo Live is created based on Voice Over Internet Protocol. This VoIP based app created in Singapore. Now they are a large growing internet company today. The core feature of this app famous app is broadcasting. You can broadcast mostly everything. Either you are teaching your talent to other or cooking food. You can open online teaching lecture channel in Bigo Live.

In Bigo Live web you can also broadcast your video games if you are a true gamer. You can do it both ways. If you play from mobile or PC. Bigo Live supports both. You may ask how we can do it.?

You can do it with the help of Bigo Live Connector.

Read more about: Bigo Live Connector.

You can also meet new peoples and know about different culture peoples and many more. So, get connected with different cultures of peoples around the world with Bigo Live. You will get all the features of Bigo Live app in the Bigo Live official website version.

Bigo live let you connect with different broadcaster. You can open the app with one click you can connect to live broadcasting. You can find many different broadcaster in Bigo Live. All Bigo use watch live broadcasting talents.

Bigo Live allows  you to chat in live event. You can send messages, share videos, send gifts etc. You can follow favorite broadcaster. So, you will get notified from them while they go live.


Features of Bigo Live Web


You can watch talent, or gameplay videos from Bigo Live Web.

It is a Bigo Live Official site. It let you watch live steam. You will need to install flash player in your browser for it.

You can chat with followers in Bligo Live web app. You can log in to the Bigo Live web app.

As you log in, you can access all the features of Bigo Live app just Like Bigo Live Apk for Android.

You can send gift like lollipop, beans, handbags, hearts and many more.

With Bigo Live app  you can also connect with your facebook buddies.

You will find there are two catagories in Bigo Live Web. One is Gaming, another is Showbiz. There you can watch Gamers playing video games and live artist showing their talent. You can also download Bigo Live Connector, Bigo Live Apk from Bigo Live Web. It will help you to share PC screen and game screen in Bligo Live App.

Get Bigo Live Web Version App

Go to bigo live web app from the link.

Go to Bigo Live Web Application.

Now you can log in to their page.

As you log in you can use all the features of Bigo Live Web. It is almost same as Bigo Live Android Application.

You can start watching live streaming in the big screen with Bigo Live web.


How to use Bigo Live Web App

There are many ways you can use Bigo Live Web Version. First of all, you can use it for download Bigo Live Apk, Bigo Live For PC, iOS, Bigo Live Connector etc.

You can watch Live video streaming using Bigo Live Web from your computer.

Bigo Live is also Available for:


Bigo Live Screenshots


bigo live iphone
bigo live broadcasting
bigo live for windows phone download
bigo-live download ios


Final Verdict


Hope this articles give you some idea about ‘Bigo Live Web’. If you have more questions about Bigo Live App, Let me know. I will be happy to help you out.

Updated: January 19, 2019 — 1:57 pm

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