Bigo Live Review, Best Features Of BIGO LIVE APP

Bigo Live Review

Bigo Live is a leader mobile live streaming community. Here, you can show your talents online and meet awesome peoples. Bigo Live has two types of users. Games and Live talent broadcaster. It has over 40 million gamers comes to the platform each and every month. They broadcast their favorite game in Bigo Live.

Bigo Live so many awesome features in it. You can do domestic and international phone call with bigo live. You can share images, videos, send text messages, money, and many more thing with this app.

This app allows you to send gift to your favorite friend. You also follow peoples and watch their broadcast. Bigo Live app have some stick rules that everybody has to follow. Otherwise it is punishable.

Bigo Live is a top rated social media platform now days. It is popular like Snapchat and others. Bigo Live app reaching it’s near height every year. It is faster video streaming and image sharing app. It is very popular in southeast Asia. It does a great for streaming and broadcasting videos.

It is been popular because community loved the social interaction and streaming, sharing features.

Bigo Live Rules That You Must Need To Follow

Everyone want to become Bigo Live official broadcaster. There are many thing to follow to become a live broadcaster in Bigo Live.

Here Sets of Bigo Live Rules Which you need to follow,

You must be above 16 year old.

He or she should not use unappropriated language with other users.

Be respectful to other peoples in Bigo Live.

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The Benefit Of Bigo Live App


Bigo Live app let you broadcasting app in mobile. You can become a broadcaster or a viewer. So, how you can become a broadcaster in Bigo Live app. I am going to show you exactly how you could do that and what you are going to need for it.

So, how to get start?

bigo live review

First of all, you must have a smartphone. And you smartphone have a good front or rear camera. Most viewer use front camera to view a broadcast. So, it is best that, your front camera is enabled also.

When you are starting a new broadcast, you can  do everything. You can show your talent by playing song, dancing, cooking, telling jokes, comedy, drama, pranks etc. You also become a teacher on any subject.

With this app you can monitor if your visitors are following you and visiting your live stream regularly.

Now, everybody aware of many things.  You can broadcast your skill and talent with relevant audience and promote product related to your talent. And get review.

If you use this app effectively you share great information to other peoples and educate and earn money in same time. Every thing has it own downside. It is depend on how users are using the app.

Most broadcasters are female in Bigo Live. Some broadcaster may include vugar and pornographic. Such activates are against Bigo Live Terms.  Such activates are only supported by viewers. They are often requested by viewers in Bigo Live. Use the app wisely, teach wonderful knowledge to peoples or entertain them. Use it for good reason. It will benefit you and will benefit them.


How You can earn money from Bigo Live?


Bigo Live is a live broadcasting app. You can use it to entertain peoples, teach peoples new activies. You will get paid based on TRP or number of viewer. There is two types of earner in Bigo Live.

You can become an official Broadcaster or a Host. Or you can be a Regular host. Both position have large opportunities. But, regular broadcaster does not make no money from Bigo Live unless he come an official Host.

You can be host in bigo live. But, official broadcaster get money based pay.

Can a Normal Broadcaster Make Money in Bigo Live?

bigo live broadcasting

Yes, many peoples want to make money through Bigo Live app. It is nothing wrong. A user watch a broadcaster. He enjoys the show of Live Broadcasting. So, How he can generate revenue from it?

A normal viewer can send a virtual gift to the broadcaster if they enjoys the show. And these gift are not free. Users have to pay to send them. So, You can convert the gift back to money. You may ask how bigo live make money.


What is Bigo Live Virtual Gift?


Bigo Live has many gift. Every gift has different price tag. And, they are also different for each user. And, you can change those gift into money.


Final Verdict


Bigo Live App is a fantastic app. It is a amazing live broadcasting app. If you use it properly. You can make good money with it. Just share your knowledge, talent with your audience. Attract audience showing great content. Let me know if you face any problem.

Updated: January 21, 2019 — 9:27 am

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