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Bigo Live PC Download

This tutorial is about Bigo Live for PC. Bigo live is a very popular app. It has large number of audience all around the world. It has large group of audience from Indonesia, Thailand and Asia. You can also get this app in your PC. It is an excellent app for video game streaming and broadcasting your talent from your device. You can launch your own channel. There, you can share your talent with live audience from around the world.

You can share your interest, gameplay videos, talent from PC. For, that you have to get Bigo Live Apk For PC. If you visit their site you will find many peoples are sharing dance videos, singing, cooking, playing video games and many more. You can share your real life talent with this app.

Yes, You can run Bigo Live on Windows 10 Also. You need attest Windows 7 to run Bigo App from your computer. Bigo Live can run on Android, Windows Phones, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and also in Mac Devices. Here, Now we are going to explain What is Bigo Live.

Bigo Live is an awesome app. It is been rated 4.5 in app stores. It has been downloaded over 100M+ times. It has mostly all positive reviews. Bigo Live app is a freeware. You can install it free in all the platform to showcase your talent. You can interact with other peoples, makes friends, help peoples  and entertain peoples. All this, you can with a single. Overall, it is Social App. Here, you can meet new peoples and make new friends also.

Bigo Live For PC also allows you to follow broadcasting. If you follow celebrities you will get notifications when they go live. You can send gift in the live broadcast to your favorite celebrities in live.

Bigo Live App offers numbers of gifts. It has lollipops, hearts, and many more. You can explore many things you install the app. And, you can send these to your favorite person you know or friends.

This app allows you to check other apps also. You can explore other apps like Mobdro App, Box App, Voot App for entertainment like movies, TV series etc. Bigo Live was Designed for Mobile. Now it is also available in all the platforms. It is a great app for you if you like to engage in real time video chats.


Best Features Of Bigo Live PC


The Bigo Live For PC offers you many advance features of Bigo Live. It makes video streaming easy. Some of the cool features are listed below.

Celebrity Broadcasters: The Bigo Live app and bigo live web will show you top rated broadcaster. And, You can browse through them. You can find them on the top screen. You can explore all the broadcasters. There you see their images, click on the image that displayed on the screen. Then, you will be able to visit and watch the broadcaster on live in Bigo Live.

Beans into Money: Bigo Live App allows you to convert Beans into money. This is a great feature of Bigo Live App. You can increase y our earning through this app. But the way, this apps also helps you to send money to your friend.

Earn From Bigo Live App: Bigo Live App helps you to earn money by broadcasting your talent. In the app, your viewer may send you gift and coins. You can convert them into money later on. For this you have to build your audience.

Guest Live: Another Great feature of this app is Guest Live. This an absolute unique feature of Bigo Live App.  This feature allows you to interact with your favorite broadcaster and friends. You can do this by inviting your friends into the co-live broadcasting. This is that simple.

Bigo’s Term And Condition: This App has been designed with very strict rules and regulation. Users have to follow these rules. Otherwise they might get banned. Main terms of this app is you are not suppose to use Vulgar words and Nudity, Smoking and Harassing someone is a crime. They will punish you for them.

Talent:Bigo Live App allows you to broadcast and live your read life talent. You can do live event to showcase your dancing, sining, cooking, drama, comedy etc.

Gift: You can send gift to your favorite friend or celebratory through this app. Gift like lollipops, hears and many more. These gift you can send through Bigo Live.

Platform: Bigo Live runs on most of the platform available today. You can run this on Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC, iOS, Blackberry etc.


How To Install Bigo Live For PC


I am going to mention two easy method to install Bigo Live App For PC.

Here, The Method One,


You can install Bigo Live Application from their official site. You can install it on all the devices. For that, just go to their Home Page. In home page, you will find the navigation. Then, check on the top right cornet. Just Click on the ‘APP’. There you will find all the version of Bigo Live app. Select the proper version for your device. Now, Click on the download in your device.

bigo live apk for pc

As the app is downloaded in your device. Then, you have to install it in your computer. Then, install the app in your PC. Now it is ready to explore. If you are first time user. Then, you have to register in Bigo Live App. Now, log in with your register ID and Password. 

Now, you can get in the app. You can configure your app according to their desire. You can go to live stream, make your own channel, create your audience and share your talent through Bigo Live App.

And, The Method Two,

In this method, we are going to use Nox Player Android Emulator For PC. We are going to need this software. Before running Bigo Live PC.

So, Are you ready?

First, I am going to tell you how to install Nox Player Android emulator on your PC. You can easily get this software from Nox Player Official website.

So, Download the Nox Player Software from Official Site.

Now, Install the Nox Player Software in your computer by double clicking on it.

It may take few sec or minutes to install depending on your PC.

Note: Make sure you have required configuration to run Nox Android Emulator In Your PC.


=>Requirement Configuration For Installing Nox Player Android Emulator:


  • You PC OS should be based on Windows 7 or Above and Mac.
  • Your computer must have minimum 2 GB of Ram. Always good to have high Ram in your PC.
  • Your should have 30 GB empty spec in your hard disk.
  • You should have a good graphic driver to Run Bigo Live App on it.
  • You PC Should have a Webcam and Mic. This is recommended to speak and broadcast on Bigo Live. You are going to need them to interact with the live audience.

Hope, you are already installed The Nox Emulator in your PC. Now we are ready to install The Bigo Live App in Windows PC.


=>Steps To Download Bigo Live in Windows PC Using Nox Player Emulator


I am expecting that you already have installed Nox Player app in your computer.

bigo live app download apk

Now, you will see a home screen. There you will find all the applications. You also get a search bar in your home screen.

bigo live for pc download

So, click on the search bar and type ‘Bigo Live‘. And enter to search the application.

bigo live apk latest version

Now a list of app will show you. You will find Bigo Live – Live Boradcasting in there.

As you find the app. Now click on Install Button. Now, it will start installing automatically.

We have successfully installed Bigo Live App in PC.

Now, you can open the app. There, you need to sign up. You will get many different option to sign up. You may choose facebook, google+, even your mobile number to sign up. There you can register and make your user ID. Now, you can log in with register User ID. Now, you will be able to enjoy all the features of Bigo Live Application on your pc.


Bigo Live Connector For Windows


You can get Bigo Live Connector from the Bigo Live Web. It is free to download from the Official Bigo Live Website. So, go to the website. You will find connector menu. From there, you can download the Bigo Live connector.

So, download the connector by click on Download Button below. As the download process is done. Now you can install the Connector in PC. You can stream your gameplay from pc and connect with millions of celebrities with Bigo Live Connector.

How To Install Bigo Live On Laptop

You can download Bigo Live App for Laptop same way, we did for Bigo Live PC. Use Bluestacks or Nox Player Android Emulator. Then Find The Bigo Live App using them. Click on the install button to install the app in your Laptop. And you are Done. You can also download bigo live apk for pc and place it in nox or bluestacks and start installing the app.

Still, if you are having any doubt. You can let me know in the comment section below.

Tutorial: How To Set up And Use Bigo Live Connector In PC.

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Final Verdict


Hope, This article help you with all the quires around “Bigo Live PC“. Now, friends, you already install Bigo Live app in your phone. Start enjoying the fantastic Bigo Live App from your phone.

Updated: January 19, 2019 — 2:07 pm

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