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What is Bigo Live Connector. How To use it?

Bigo Live Connector or Bigo Live Connector for pc is an from Bigo Technology. They Launch Bigo Live Connector after the success of Bigo Live. Bigo Live has been a very successful now. It has over 100 million download.

They launch this new application “Bigo Live connector”. This application very good if you want share you PC screen in Bigo Live app with the audience. It opens a door for live streamers who want to broadcast their gameplay from PC. Large screen share attract more users to use Bigo Live with their PC. It is important to get Bigo Live PC Connector to stream PC games on Bigo Live. You will find many Video games has been feature in Bigo Live home page.

Bigo Live Also Available For,


Bigo Live Connector For PC


Bigo Live app and Bigo Live connector both you can run in Your PC. But, the minimum requirements for Bigo Live App is Windows 7 Operating System. You can install it on Windows 7 and above. You can get the Bigo Live Connector from the Bigo Live website directly. Just from the top navigation, you will find ‘Conntector’. Click on the Connector, then it will take you to the download page. From there you can download it. Bigo Live is also availale for iPhone and iOS devices.


Advanced Features of Bigo Live Connector PC


You will have the access to add camera, image and text to the Live Screen in Bigo Live Connector.

Bigo Live connector allows you to check who is visiting your live stream. You can check this from the tools menu.

You can easily switch to capture mode in Bigo Live connector Live screen.

Users can interact with Live audience in the chat room.

You will have the access to direct reply. So, you will be able to reply a specific audience in your live room with Bigo Live Connector.

Bigo Live PC connector is  easy to use. You can launch it directly with the main app also.


Bigo Live Connector Installation Process For PC


First of all you have download the Bigo Live Connector For PC From The Bigo Live Site.

bigo live connector for pc

Now, you have download the Bigo Live PC conntector. It is time to install it on your PC.

Click on it to install it to your pc and follow the installation process.

As it is installed, now launch the Bigo Live connector Application from your pc.

You can use it for two reason. You can capture game play screen and PC Screen capture.

Game Capture: Bigo Connector can capture specific games and applications. You can clickon the drop down menu. Navigate  the menu, you can choose any game or application that you want to live steam.

Screen Capture: Bigo Live PC Conntor will capture your whole screen. You can Live Stream your pc using the Bigo Live Connector.

 Now you have choosen the mode. You can start broadcasting on the Bigo Live App. You can start live streaming from the mobile phone.  Now Go live button.

Here, you will get two options to choose from. You can choose Live or Games.

You can choose Live: it will turn your screen camera and make you live. You can do live activity and share your talent. For an example, you can share cooking recipes to attract viewers to follow you.

You can play Games: You can play games two ways. Yes, you choose from mobile and PC. Let me discuss about mobile game before we jump into Computer games.

Mobile Games: You can choose mobile game. It will allow you go live. You have to choose the game you want to play from the drop down. Then, you have to click on Go Live. This option is for mobile games. Now, you can live stream it online. You can also see how many viewers are visiting you for a particular game.

bigo live connector

Computer Games: Now if you choose computer games. Then, the things are little bit different.

bigo live app download for android

You have to scan the QR code from the Bigo Live Connecter for PC. You already installed it on your PC.

Once you scan the QR code. Your game will be live streaming in Bigo Live.

bigo live pc

Now, everything is set. You are already started a Live show in Bigo Live.


Final Verdict


Hopes this articles helped you to installed the Bigo Live Connector. Now you can live stream your game or talent from PC or Phone. If you have any question or doubt. Let me know in the comment section.

Updated: January 16, 2019 — 10:52 am

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