Bigo Live Apk For PC, Android|Windows |iOS| Latest Version 2019 | With User Guide

Bigo Live Apk: Bigo Live is a very popular Video Streaming Application. This app is currently very popular in Asia and USA. Bigo Application is a growing application in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. This App was created by Bigo Technologies.


Bigo Live is a popular video streaming, voice over internet protocol application. You can use Bigo Live app to show your talent through live performance. This app is available on Android, PC, iOS Devices. This app support all the platforms.


Just like YouTube, you can use Bigo Live to share your ideas, talent, and interest with your audience. With this app, you can live broadcast your talent. You can live stream your talent with Bigo Live App just like sing, cook, dance etc.


You can follow live celebrities in Bigo Live. You can follow them, watch live videos, comments, and join their channel. Just like YouTube, you can follow their channel. So, you can follow their video. You can also make your own channel in Bigo Live.

Features Of Bigo Live Apk

bigo live apk
Bigo Live Apk For Android

Bigo Live is a very popular app in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and in Asia. This app has over 2M reviews in Google Play. Bigo Live has been downloaded over 100M times from the Play Store itself. It has mostly positive reviews.


Bigo Live User Guide:



Here some of the top features of Bigo Live


Bigo Live app many exciting feature. There you can watch live streams, stream your talent live, explore events through Bigo Live. There is thousands of broadcasters around the globe,

Bigo Live let you engage with viewers in Bigo Live, You can enjoy live broadcast in big screen with Chromcast, Apple TV.

This app allows real-time Interactions, gameplay stream, guest Live. You can broadcast live from your phone to viewers in Social Media network

The security system of this app provides you 2-step verification. You can also video group messaging with this app.

There so many much more, profile management of this app is also good. It connect you with social networks, Bigo Live has a good privacy controls,

You will get social news feeds, creative friend groups, see messaging history, managing group events features etc.

There is a option where you can add friends by social network. You can also send digital gifts, uploading Audio, sign up by phone number, see your posting history, uploading photo.

This app allows you to sharing anonymously, sending group messages, making phone calls, sharing media privatly.

You can also add friends by QR code, Syncing contacts, deleting old posts, add friends by phone number.

With Bigo Live, you can share your location, adding friends by pin and email. there is available social network.

You can also make voice calling, video calling,sending text messages, share messagesmaking Voip calls, record videos, searche contacts, searching messages. sharing photo, sending money etc.

You can also delete messages and mark them as read. There is countless features in Bigo Live App.


Steps To Download Bigo Live Apk In Your Android Device:


Here, I am going to tell you how to get Bigo Live app download for android Device.

This Apps is absolutely free on Google play store. So, First visit the Google Play Store.

Then, Go to Search bar. Now, Search for ‘Bigo Live’ Term.

bigo live apk latest version

You will get Bigo Live – Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat in the search suggestions and on the top result.

Now tap on the ‘Install’ Button Bigo Live App to install it.

It will take a bit time to install the App. Now wait a bit while it is installing in your device.

After the installation process is done. It will say you app is successfully installed.

Now, you can go back your home screen. Tap on the Bigo Live App to Launch it.

Now you can start using This app for free on Your Android Phone.

“If it is saying that your android device is not eligible to install Bigo Live App from Google play store”. You can download the .Apk file from bellow.


Download Bigo Live PC


Check out the space requirement For Bigo Live PC Specifications

App Developed By: Bigo Technology PTE. LTD.

App Relapsed Date: March 2016

Category: Video Streaming, Live Chat

Language: Multiple Languages Available

License: Freeware

The Bigo Live is Broadcasting and live streaming application. It is one of the best platform to expose your talents to the audience. This application run on all the devices. You can Download Bigo Live PC application For Desktop, Windows 7, 8.1, 10. Check out below steps explaining How to Install Bigo Live on PC.


Steps For Installing Bigo Live On PC


Before Doing Anything else, First you need to get a application that can run Bigo Live on your PC. So, first get the Bluestacks application on your pc.

bigo live apk for pc

You can install Bigo Live on pc through Bigo Live web. To install the Bigo Live App on your pc, go to their website home page. Now, follow the steps to Download Bigo Live On PC.


Download Bigo Live for PC Windows


First, open your internet browser. Open the home page of Bigo Live App. Look for Bigo.Tv. You will see different options and menu on the top screen.

You will find APP option on the top right corner of the page. Now you have to select the platform which you want to download the app for.

Now select and choose Bigo Live Download option for the right device.

Once you get it. Just click on the download button. Now, it will start downloading now.

Now the application will be download  in your device.

Once, the Bigo Live Application is downloaded. The application will start installing automatically in your device. So, hold tight until it get installed properly. Don’t touch your device let it install. Once, it is installed. Now you can go back to the home screen. You will find the Bigo Live icon there.

You can start the app from the home screen now.Start the Bigo Live App and experience the live stream and broadcasting and many cool features of Bigo Live App.


How To Run Bigo Live For PC


Bigo Live App, you can download from Bigo Live app Home page. You can install it to your device. Most of the features are same in Bigo Live PC. There are some steps for using Bigo Live PC App.

First you have to go to the home page of Bigo Live Web App. Now, go to the download option From the top navigation ‘APP’. Then, click on the download to get the app for your device.

After you download the Bigo Live Application. It should install automatically on your selected device. Leave it for few and let it install. Once it is installation is done.

Now, it  will ask you to log in with your User Name and Password.  You may select facebook, twitter social media authentication log in. Otherwise, make an free account in Bigo Live App.

After making an account. Now, you can log in to Bigo Live Application using the registered ID and password.

bigo live pc download windows 10

As you enter in the application. Now check all the setting of this ap. You can configure your account as you want.

Now, you are ready and all set to show all your talent through live events. This is an application allows you to share your interest and talent with the live audience.


Bigo Live Windows 10 Download


Bigo Live Is Avaible For Almost All The Devices. You can easily run on most of devices. You can also run it on Windows 10 PC, and computer.You can also get bigo live pc download for windows 10 from the Bigo Live home page.

Bigo Live is available in most of the devices. You can experience the Bigo Live Broadcasting app with many features like video chat, phone call, sharing photos, videos, messages etc.


Bigo Live Is Also Available On Many Devices


This app can run on most of the devices. Here, list of devices can run Bigo Live App. 

Bigo Live Apk For Android

Bigo Live For Mac

Bigo Live For Windows Phone

Bigo Live Apk For PC


Why Bigo Live is Better Than Other Apps – Review


Bigo Live App is deisgned for Window in window chat. Here, both the use able to see each other while chatting and speaking. This app allows you to do text messages, video calling, chatting, send photos, videos etc. There is  videos feeds. Send Messages will appear there.

These are all special benefit you get in Bigo Live app. There are many cool benefit you get in Bigo Live compare to it’s competitors. There are so benefit you get in Bigo Live if you compare it with Skype.

Download Bigo Live PC App, You will be able to connect with over 100 millons of users all around the world. Bigo Live Connector allows you to follow the latest celebrity post in Bigo Live.


How To Download Bigo Live For iOS / Mac


You can get Bigo Live App for iOS from bigo Live official website. It is completely free. So, Download the Bigo Live app for iOS to show your talents and skill to your audience.

Just click on the download button to download the app in your iOS device. As it is downloaded. It will start installing automatically. As the app is installed, Now you can log in to the app. Start your Journey on Bigo Live App.


Top 4 Alternatives to Bigo Live App


Bigo Live App is a Broadcasting and Live Streaming Application. This is a very popular app has over 100M+ Downloads in Google App store itself. This app allows you to share your talent with the live audience around the globe.

They have many alternatives in the market. But, in my opinion nothing is close to Bigo Live App. Here, top 4 Bigo Live App Alternative. It is a video chatting app developed by Live me. You do live broadcasting and show your talent. IT has over 25 Million peoples from 85 countries around the world. is a great video chatting app. This is an alternative to Bigo Live Apk. With this app you can connect with your friend live.

Facebook: Facebook is a replacement for Bigo Live Apk. Here, You can broadcast all your talent. This is a great place to do it. Because, this is a best social networking site. You will find all different audience here according to your talent.

Tango: Tango is one of the best replacement for Bigo Live For PC. This app allows you to broadcast all your talent. You can choose person according to your interest.


How To Install Use  Bigo Live Connector

bigo live connector

You can run Bigo Live Connector on PC. First  go Download  Bigo Live PC Connector. As it is installed. It will ask you to set up the live mode. Now generate the Bigo Code. You have to scan the code from Bigo Live App from your phone. Now, you can begin your live show.

bigo live app download for android

It has many features like Hide and show message toolbar. You can move the toolbar to anywhere in the preview area. You can play and stream videos. If provide notifications if you quit games. It shows the information of Live. You can go to your own game live page. From there you can invite friends to join your live show.

bigo live pc


About Bigo Live Web


Bigo Live Web is the official website of Bigo Live. You can watch live stream videos. You may watch broadcasting games, live event etc. You can browse through the site to check out game categories which are popular and the ShowBiz.


What Is Bigo Live


It is App to show your talent. This app allows you to live stream and broadcast live video. You can go live share your talent to live audience. You may play games, dance, cook, sharing your ideas, knowledge, sing etc. There are many ways you can use this apps. You can connect with celebrities in Bigo Live. It is a social app that let you connect with people.

You can look for your favorite user and follow them live. You will find all kinds of channels. Every user have different taste. They watch the video accordingly. You can share your thought and interact with live chat. Check out Bigo Live Wiki for more info.


Bigo Live Videos


With Bigo Live you can watch live stream videos in Bigo Live. You can follow your favorite celebrities and get notified when they share a new video or if they go live stream video. You can browse the bigo live official website. There gaming and showbiz two category.

You can browse each categories to find your interest. You will find PubG, League Of Legends,Mobile Legends and many games features on the home page of Bigo Live.

In ShowBbiz Live area, All celebratory and live stream are featured. So, you can browse the Bigo Live home page to find epic Bigo Live Videos. You can also check out top ranked channel by beans and view from the home page of Bigo Live.


Top 10 Reviews of Bigo Live App


“Nice App but not properly shown how to level up although other thing quite awesome and interesting. You kept busy by not wasting your time on useless apps and spending your time to connect with different people. Which belongs from different culture and different values and share there good habits. You can play game like loddoo, snake ladder  and etc. With new peoples and learn different types of tactics.” – Momin Faisal

“Very good application. Can Live with friends who haven’t met for a long time … thanks you bigo live” – VALENTINO ROSSI SN

“the app’s bigo ludo is back to the first if this one is our colleague grub ludo doesn’t have a challenge because there’s a lot of help … so it doesn’t use skills … it’s not fun playing games” – Google Users

“regret the bigo qw update version 4.8 beuty live display is not as cool as the 3.5 version behind version 3.5, please check out” – Wendy S

“I just used it, why didn’t I like it … but the one who still knows the game, thanks BIGO” – Arini Handayani

“recommended for entertaining after busy working all day” – Odang Blue

“Good bigo must be watched every day because there are people who blame bigo” – Ultimate Priest

“really great. I don’t know what to say. Great” – Aldhy young

“exciting new friends. cool game for entertainment” – dadang supriyadi

“interesting enough to easily find friends through the application” – Riki septian


Author’s Review On Bigo Live App


As a bigo live user. I could say this is a fantastic app. Here, you can meet all kinds of peoples from different regions and cultures. You learn about peoples, their talent. There you can share your talent with other peoples and learn from them. There is endless possibilities and option with Bigo Live App.

You can also open your own channel. There, you can broadcast live and get audience and view your show.

Peoples Also Search For,


Final Verdict


Bigo Live App is a great app to have in your smartphone today. This is a great communication app like skype. Here, you can share your idea with many different peoples around the world. Also, this app allows you to do telecalling, video calling, texting many more. With the endless features in Bigo Live, a gamer can also get a successful channel in Bigo Live.

Hope This articles helps you to learn and know about “Bigo Live Apk”. Download the Bigo Live Apk from Bigo Live site. Start your Bigo Live Journey.

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